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 Ordering Your Medications 

There are several ways you can order your medications:

1. By Repeat Slip – Simply fill in the repeat slip, mark on where you would like to collect your prescription from and hand it in at reception or post it in one of the post boxes.

2. Online – Click on the following link enter your login details and follow the onscreen instructions.   

3. By Post – Post your repeat slip to us with a self-addressed envelope and we will post your prescription back to you

4. By Fax - Fax your prescription request to us and clearly mark if you would like to collect the prescription from the surgery or a local chemist.

5. By Phone – Call the dedicated prescription line on

Thornaby – 01642 880966 (8.30am – 1pm)

Ingleby Barwick – 01642 745600 (8.30am – 1pm)

Please allow 48 hours* before you collect your prescription and a further 24 hours* if you are collecting your prescription from the Chemist.

*working hours as the surgery is not open on a Saturday or Sunday

If you are ordering medication which has not been commenced by your GP, we will need details to enable us to provide you with a prescription. If you have a discharge letter or written advice from the hospital/consultant please bring it to the surgery. If you only have the medication boxes please give us the full details of who prescribed it, which hospital department/s, the name and strength of the medication and how often you take it.

We will need to get this check with your usual GP and confirm with the hospital and this can cause a delay in getting the prescription ready for you. For that reason the hospital will ensure you have up to 14 days supply when you are discharged

 General Medicine Advice 

·     If you are suffering from any severe side effects from medications or have any questions regarding your medications, please leave your question as message with your usual doctor and it will be answered.

·     Please make sure you do not run out of your medication especially over holidays and weekends.

·     Please do not stockpile or hoard medicines: this is dangerous.

·     Never use medication prescribed for anyone else except yourself.

·     Never exceed the dose of medication advised by the doctor.

·     Keep your medications in a safe place & out of the reach of children.

·     All medication is prescribed at the discretion of the doctor only.

·     If you are unsure about your medication, ask the doctor or pharmacist.


Different ways to manage your medications

If you have difficulty managing your medications or you know someone who needs help with the medication management there are a few things that can help.

We have a system called repeat dispensing. This enable the practice to issue up to 1 years supply of prescriptions to be sent to a chemist of your choice. This means you only need to go to your chemist every month and they will have it all ready for you. Repeat dispensing is only suitable for patients on steady medications and are on no more than 5 different medications.

Some of the chemists in the area offer a managed repeat system. When you collect your medications from the chemist they ask you what you will be needing for the next month. They then put the request into us and have your medications ready for the next month.

They also run a system for elderly patients and patients who have difficultly remembering when to take their medications. This is medi boxes. The Chemist will supply you with a medi box for the week with all the tablets allocated to morning, afternoon and night-time.

Please speak to our reception team if you have any questions about the above.

Prescriptions Frequently Asked Questions

1 – What do I do if I’ve lost my medication.

You will need to notify the police and get a crime number. Once you have a crime number we can issue you another prescription.

2 – What do I do if I need my repeat whilst I’m on holiday?

When you order your medication before you go away we can issue you a one off prescription with 2 months supply on to cover you whilst you are away.

3 – What do I do if I run out of medication?

We can issue you a same day emergency prescription. You will need to make sure you order your medication before you run out again as we can only issue 1 emergency prescription in a 6 month period.

4 – What do I do if I get started on a new medication by the hospital / optician?

Bring the paper work to the surgery and we will organise a routine prescription for you. Medications advised by the hospital / optician are not urgent unless it states so on the form.

5 – Do I need to see a Doctor if I want a medication I haven’t had for a few months?

No, we will ask the GP if it is ok to issue this medication. If there is a problem we will contact you.




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